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Bali Hai Gold

Recently imported from USA, Bali Hai Gold has beautiful deep golden flowers in upright held bunches which look like candelabras on the tree.

Fantastic, strong and sweet perfume. Very popular in USA. Rare in Australia.


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Bali Palace

An exceptional variety. Golden yellow flowers with unusual petals. Limited Availability.


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Ban Yen

A very rare cultivar from Thailand which I have only ever seen in Dr. Kukiat Tanteeratarm’s world famous frangipani orchards. Of all of Kukiat’s 1000’s of worlds best frangipani cultivars there were two cultivars which stood out remarkably in terms of brilliance. They are Thai Orange Splendour and Ban Yen.

Both of these varieties have such intense brightness and colour that they shine and stand out from a long way away.

In terms of colour and brightness Ban Yen is the worlds most outstanding cerise type. Ban Yen is very similar to the famous Hawaiian cv Duvauchelle but is a more compact tree and a much more vigorous grower, whereas duvauchelle is not vigorous and not recommended outside of the true tropics.

Ban Yen being more robust and vigorous means that it will thrive in the subtropics and Mediterranean climates also. Limited release


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Bali Whirl

The worlds only double frangipani flower. 10 petals instead of the usual 5. A very special flower variety.



Basketball Gold

New Release 2017/18

Huge basket ball sized flower bunches. A very pretty world class Vera Cruz Rose seedling imported from Thailand. limited release.



Bill Moragne Snr

Bill Moragne is the father of  Plumeria breeding. A professional horticulturist in Hawaii during the 1950's he pioneered and perfected the cross breeding/hybridizing technique for frangipanis.

His best hybrids set the standard years ago and they still do today. Plumeria rubra cv Bill Moragne is one of his best hybrids.

Large 3  1/2 inch flowers, multi colored rainbow with rounded petals in massive soccer ball sized flower heads/bunches. 



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Bill Moragne

Bill Moragne - Part of the massive flower heads

Black Red

Also known as also known as Blood Red, Tahitian Red, Suva Red, Irma Bryant, etc. There are now lighter reds being called blood red and the darkest reds are now being called black red to avoid confusion. Medium sized very dark red flowers and spicy perfume.

Not recommended for cooler regions as this variety is not a vigorous grower even in the tropics.


Black Tiger

Black tiger (syn 4711) is one of the very best of the rare  new generation black red Plumeria rubra hybrids.

Very beautiful medium sized  black red flowers hang in bunches from long pendulous stalks. Flower shape is reminiscent of orchid flowers. The flowers have black stripes radiating out from center to the petal tips hence the name black tiger. Spicy perfume.

Very robust. Best variety for cooler regions.

Limited release.


Blazing Stars

A gorgeous world class, metallic hued rainbow of rare musky colours and huge flowers.                     

Bred by world leading frangipani breeder Dr. Kukiat Tanteeratarm.

Exclusive to Sacred Garden Frangipanis.  


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Blood orange

Blood orange (aka P33) is an exceptional hybrid from Thailand. Is it orange or is it red? Hence the name blood orange. Sometimes it is mostly red other times mostly deep burnt orange, depending on temperatures and other environmental factors. The flowers glow!  


Booker KJ

A superior seedling hybrid of Mermaid Gem. World class cultivar bred by Australian frangipani breeder, Ken Johnson. Booker KJ was recently awarded a 5 star rating by voters in a survey by the Plumeria Society of America.

A large flower of intensely rich colors. Opening deep red and gold the red slowly fades to an intense and dense, hot pink colour.

In cooler climates , the huge 4" flowers in large bunches are not deep red but a very hot pink and look like giant Mermaid gem flowers. Sensational.



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