Growing Angel's Trumpets (Brugmansia spp)

Brugmansia, Angel's Trumpets
Angel's Trumpets (Brugmansia spp) grow well in all areas of Australia as long as the following growing conditions are provided: They are cold tolerant but do not like prolonged frost so must be grown in large tubs and protected from frosts in temperate frost prone climates.

In the colder months flower colours are generally much paler.


Plant in pots until well established

On receiving your angels trumpet plants we recommend that they are planted in pots until well established and growing strongly with plenty of new leaves prior to planting out in ground.

Please note that commercial potting mixes are generally full of diseases. They should be mixed  with 60% inorganic material such as coarse sand, perlite or gravel to increase drainage. Commercial potting mixesshould always be treated with a fungicide and bactericide once only as soon as your Angels Trumpets are potted.

Keep in semi shade or direct morning and afternoon sun only (no direct middle of day sun !) Keep moist.


Angel's Trumpets: Fertilizing Tips

Angels trumpets do not like hot drying winds. Water, mulch and wind protection is beneficial.

They are prolific flowerers flowering 6 mths to all year depending on climate. All our varieties have heavely perfumes which is released in evenings.

Angel's Trumpets are heavy feeders. They will reward you with huge amounts of flowers and with better colour if well fertilized during the flowering seasons.


Angel's Trumpets: Pruning Tips

Angel's Trumpets are often pruned and trained to grow as a standard as they are easily trained into a standard shape.

Angel's Trumpets prefer semi shade. The flowers have a better colour when grown in semi shade or half day full sun max. Flowers which are in full sun all day tend to fade.

Leaf chewing caterpillars, aphids and thrips are the most common insect pests. Spray with insecticide if required. Angel's Trumpets can be prone to nutrient deficiencies. Boron deficiency can cause small mutated leaves and colorless green flowers which don't open.

Regular annual fertiliser with a complete fertiliser in late spring will prevent any problems. Prune plants after flowering has stopped, if required, to maintain shape and size of plants.


Angel's Trumpets Are Safe to Handle

Handling Angel's Trumpets is completely safe. No accidental poisonings from this plant have ever been recorded - although all parts of the plant are very toxic if taken internally.

Some people are allergic to the smell of the leaves and flowers.




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